Didim is a peninsular surrounded by some truly magnificent sights. Locatedon the   crossroads of superb beaches, history, art and culture.

Didim itself is very close to ancient towns and natural wonders, therefore you can easily indulge in the history and culture of this area. This can be achieved by witnessing sights such as; Akköy village, Didyma, Miletos, Priene, Apollo Temple and Bafa Lake. Or you can travel further afield to witness some more of Turkey’s spectacular sights. It is also a holiday resort close to Kusadasi with its clean sea and good quality restaurants.

Today’s Didim is a rapidly growing resort and is totally different to what it used to be 10-15 years ago. On a Saturday you can visit the local market which is located in Yenihisar, the local town, which is just a 10 min bus ride from the sea front.

At the market you can buy just about everything, and it is a good place to experience the locals selling their wares.
About 15 years ago, the people from large cities around Turkey started to purchase and build their own property. Therefore many of these home owners decided to descend upon Didim to enjoy their summer holidays in this wonderful resort.

Overall Didim is a largely varied holiday resort; where you can enjoy many activities as either a family, a couple or a group of friends all looking for an array of things to do.