Let Us Sell Your Property

To get your property onto the net without  further ado I would need the following;

1.Original (as opposed to compressed) pictures. Send them by e-mail, or make an arrangment for us to come to take pictures of your property. Pictures sell houses so your selection will be important. We put up to 20 on our main sites but as we copy your ad right across the net extra photos help keep it fresh. Snaps with people in are OK as well; they give scale and a flavour of life in Turkey and are much more interesting than the usual white walls.

2. Full details. No one knows your house like you so who better to write the description?

  • List of accommodation (number of bathrooms, bedrooms etc)
  • Plot size and built area (approx is fine)
  • Some idea of the condition
  • Special features. What makes your house special?
  • Garage, pool, etc etc
  • Running costs (approx)
  • Services; do you have mains water, electricity, sewerage and telephone? If not what do you have?
  • Are you renting all or part of the property at the moment? If you are can you tell me what sort of turnover you are experiencing.

3. Reason for selling.

4. What price are you looking for?

5. Contact details so we can either arrange viewings!

Selling  Process:
The following information provides a guide to selling  property in Turkey.
İf the customers wish to buy your property we will ask them to put a deposite down  for the property ( non refundable). Which will be reserved for you on our database.

İf the buyers are Turkish this can be done in one day you must be here to sign over the paper work tapu or can give ourselfs power of attorney or someone else power of attorney can be done here in Turkey or in England if done in England all the paper work must be correct for the sell to go throught. ( please ask for the power of attorney documents)

İf the customers who are buying the property are a different nationality then the normal perocedure  of miltary check will be carried out this normaly takes 6-8 weeks once the checks have been completed then again yourself must be present to sign over the tapu or someone else who has power of attorney.

Required documents:

Who ever need to sign will need 1 photo of them copy of the passport  and the copy of your tapu.

Cost requirment:

  • The seller will need to make sure all the bills are up to date such as: Council tax electrick and water.
  • The seller only pays these fees above and the agency commission which is 3% of the value of your property.
  • The buyer will cover all the cost of the selling procedure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and arrange viewings on: info@dpm-group.co.uk